I Will Maintain // Craft Project: Making of

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Agenția de publicitate: Piko
Casa de producție: Beauty & the Beast
Illustrator: Ivan Belikov / Further Up
Craft & Photography: Piko and Beauty & the Beast Studio
Team: Olga Cebanu, Cristina Cornileac, Nastea Colesnicov, Constantin Sarcov, Eugen Catruc and Sandu Cojocari.
Lansat: Ianaurie, 2015

Inspired by the Herbariy project, "I WILL MAINTAIN" takes the initial idea of interpreting official coats of arms of other states in a decidedly different direction – one that aims to test the boundaries of craft.

The whole process lasted 6 months, including design, multi-stage manufacturing of details, assembly, construction, photography and final edit.

The process was continuously recorded, resulting in over 16,000 shots compiled in the video that you can watch below.

Full project on Behance:

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